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When I walk into this school, I feel welcome. *
I am treated with respect at this school. *
This school respects my cultural heritage. *
Students at this school are treated fairly no matter their race or cultural background. *
I feel welcome at PTO meetings. *
I have a good working relationship with my child's teacher. *
I can talk to the principal when needed. *
If the school can't help me, they will refer me to someone who can. *
The front office staff are friendly and make me feel welcome. *
The school helps to find a translator or interpreter if needed. *
Staff at my school consult with me and other families before making important decisions. *
I understand the guidelines in the student handbook. *
I am well informed as to how my child is doing in school. *
I understand the grade-level standards my child is supposed to meet. *
I am given useful information about how to improve my child's progress. *
At this school, students feel challenged to do their best. *
Students are proud of their school. *
I am very satisfied with the quality of this school. *
I would recommend this school to family and friends with children. *

What is the school doing that is most helpful to you as a parent? *

What is something the school could do better to improve the learning experience for you and your child? *

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